Kerala Home Design Plan Ideas 2015

Kerala Home Design Plan Ideas – A design house taken inspiration from a concept that originated in India, Kerala. Design house which is a combination of elements equipped with a crop of tropical flowers and palm trees. however houses built in the beach area with incredible views. Kerala building is made using basic materials such as wood or concrete and even a combination of both. So as to produce a design house that is magnificent.

Building a house near the beach is a pride, also as a rental business accommodation to the tourists. To build a house at the beach would spend quite a lot of money, but for those who love the beach this is not a problem. They will build a house as good as possible. But usually those who have houses on the beach, will make the house as a place to vacation, refreshing of saturation city.

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing this house. First, define the concepts that will be applied if the modern, classic or minimalist. Typically, Kerala home design using modern minimalist concept in a romantic mix of classical ornament. Secondly, choose a material that is strong and resistant to weather at the beach.

In this magnificent house is the house that was built using the concept of india kerala home design, equipped with a garden with shady trees. In addition, of course, also equipped with various types of flowers to give the atmosphere becomes more beautiful. The flowers were planted in yard or garden can be made in the form.

With the flower garden will certainly make your home more beautiful, with a sensation of freshness nature more natural. Things need to think about in making india kerala house we will create a pool facing directly towards the beach. Usually at home or put beside depending on the position of your home.

Parks that have been made of course do not forget to make a gazebo or pergola also kalopi Area or swimming pool or garden. Gazebo or pergola can be a place to gather with family or business associates that you are invited to play to your stately home. Additionally, you can still enjoy the beauty of the beaches in the house. Put some decorative accessories such as bench and umbrella-shaped roof. It would be a very cool idea Kerala home design.