Modern small kitchen design ideas 2015

Modern small kitchen design ideas – In a house of course equipped with a kitchen, which serves to cook make food. Make no kitchen should always be large, even in small ways is not a problem when someone conceptualize modern furniture that can make intelligent storage more efficient. 

Modern kitchen design with small size takes skill itself, usually a housewife understand the needs of what needs to be in the concept of the kitchen, so they can cook comfortably despite being small in size kitchen. Especially in preparing the location – the location of furniture.

In the model of a modern mini kitchen design will avoid the use of a chandelier, and to categorize the furniture that can be inserted into a drawer or cupboard. Would need to do the laying of kitchen tools at the right place. Do not use too much closet space consuming volume. Use open shelving to put plates and glasses.

Modern Small kitchen design


We also need to add a design using a palette of neutral colors that create an environment roominess in your small modern kitchen. In the kitchen room paint staining also need a good concept, for example, the use of monochromatic colors that give an impression of space on your mini kitchen.

We also need to add a couple of design using color palette of black and white graphics are often used in modern kitchen design, along with an explosion of color accents, such as the primary colors red, blue or green. This shot infusion of color to accent wall painted or stained glass backsplash sparkles.

We also need to pay attention to the installation of tile backsplash does have a sleek horizontal, herringbone or chevron pattern. In essence, in the manufacture of kitchen needs wise planning of a housewife to meet their needs. Such as setting up the furniture in need only cook, and organize the space, especially closet.

Small kitchen design Gallery 2015